David Moorhead

Visual Web Designer

David created a circle within a circle for all things universal.


It’s likely you and I met during an event or meeting or by happenstance, where we talked about the possibilities of a new website. Perhaps, someone you know referred you to this page.

Your wish for a website can come true, and you’ll find custom web design a most satisfying form of expression. In time, this page and others will be embellished by clusters of color, which I love!

One hundred umbrellas hang as a corporate art installation.

The above photo shows an architectural art installation of one hundred differently colored umbrellas hung well above the ground floor inside a corporate atrium.

Focused Excellence

Focused excellence implies, It’s the little things that matter.

When considering your new website, you and I will zoom in on your manner of communication and exceptional qualities for personalizing your site. Additional distinctive nuances will carefully organize pages.

On this particular page, design elements have evolved by keeping in mind those whose impairments might include aural, visual, mobility or cognition. I’ve provided as near as possible an accessible web page for those with certain disabilities.

As an independent freelancer with seven years of web design experience, focused excellence informs my motivation for staying in touch with the latest designs on the web.


Responsive websites have become more than just a little important in that approximately 10% of global internet communications are via mobile devices, for instance, smart phones and tablets. That percentage has been forecasted to increase another 10% within a few years.

Web Experience by Design

Drawing of hand held device.Your new site will be accessible as well as responsive by weaving conventional with modern design techniques.

Responsiveness for users’ experiences (or UX) will be felt, for example, by the ease of moving around web pages. A website proficiently designed will necessarily serve screen sizes for the numerous types of mobiles. Your website will be comfortably managed from your visitors’ palms, or from their desktops, laptops or tablets.

The revelance of great user experiences includes empathy for everyone, as everyone relies on an ecosystem that lives and breathes within responsive and accessibility features.

Web Marketing by Content

Drawing of a stack of documents.Web pages with well-written content spark attention for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Whether for yourself, or for a group or company, an essential strategy for placements of effectively written text and suitable images will become apparent once the visiting audience’s attributes have been clarified.

As visitors read your words, and comprehend you’re relating to them, their understanding will be of value as they consider an association with you. With that in mind, this page has been reasonably composed to attract artistically creative individuals as well as those friendly to the visual and performing arts.

Web Graphic Art and Design

Drawing of five eggs queued.Photos for this page were chosen from online sources, and other images were personally drawn by me or assembled by hand. Practices of a graphic artist can come in handy for you, too.

I have selected for a guild those who’ve crafted their skills as professional graphic artists, web designers and developers, all of whom are problem solvers.

Forms of Expression

These photos spotlight a few forms of artistic expression. If you are fascinated by influences of the fine arts in your locale and around the world, I’d love to talk with you! There’s no doubt that, eventually, people with like sensibilites seem to discover each other.

About David

The performing arts in North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Russia blend my loves of piano, vocal and choral literature. My piano performance in the classics, which began with piano lessons at age five, was later expanded from solo recitals to a professional piano accompanist for singers of art song, select singers from the operatic culture, and Broadway singers who sang popular themes from musicals.

My BA degree has concentrations in both piano and voice from the University of Saint Thomas in Houston, Texas, USA. My piano coach was Edgar Martin, who studied with the highly respected French composer, conductor, and teacher, Nadia Boulanger in Paris, France.

Photo of David.Once I decided to draw piano performance to a close, a friend asked if I had heard of web design. Well, I was as contented with web design as cool breezes on a warm, spring day.

During the several years of designing sites and online newsletters for numerous clients, the lot was mine to help a family member who had begun phases of dementia; my full-time caregiving lasted well into seven years.

Now, I’m back to design, gathering other artistic creatives around me for probing various concepts, achieving the best results by use of the latest techniques that benefit our sites’ visitors.

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